Situated in the beautiful Norfolk countryside 9 miles SSE of Norwich and close to the east Norfolk coast, Seething Airfield is owned and operated by members of Seething Flying Club.

Charity Airday

This years Charity Airday was an overwhelming success. The whole day was absolutely fantastic with a large crowd being thrilled by world class aerobatic and display pilots.


The day has been recorded and highlights are available here


Flying in

Seething (EGSJ) Aerodrome is open to visiting aircraft throughout the week although the clubhouse is normally only open Wednesday mornings and at weekends. At other times there is an engineering presence on the airfield. Booking in and facilities to pay landing donations (see below) is available in the Clubhouse porch. A toilet is available at the rear of the clubhouse building.


PPR by radio is generally acceptable during normal operating hours for non-commercial, fixed wing GA arrivals. PPR by telephone is required for all commercial and helicopter movements and all other arrivals out of normal operating hours.


Please call the airfield on 01508 550453 (this is a shared phone and fax line). The office is closed most weekdays so if no reply please call the Airfield Manager on 01508 550222. Alternatively you can send a message via the website contact form (Click Here).


 Seething has a single 800 metre asphalt runway 24/06. The circuit pattern is left hand 1000' aal for 24 and right hand 1000' aal for 06. There is a standard over head join upon arrival. Please fly your circuits avoiding the local villages.


Departures from 06 are subject to a noise abatement procedure: Turn right thirty degrees after passing the up-wind end of the runway.


Seething airfield is member-owned and expensive to maintain. Your landing donations are a much appreciated contribution to the costs of maintaining the airfield infrastructure. Suggested minimum level of donation:


Light single £10

Light twin £20

Large twin or turbo-prop single £35


Visiting by Road

Owing to the unusual layout of Seething Airfield it is not possible to generally accept visitors by road unless by prior arrangement. In such cases safety instructions will be provided before your arrival. Visitors should not pass the Airside Gate at the Blue / White hut without prior permission.


Seething Airfield is situated 9 miles SSE of Norwich. From the B1322 Bungay road south of Brooke, follow the sign for Seething Industrial Estate into Harvey’s Lane and straight over the crossroads into Toad Lane. The airfield is on the left. If you are using a Sat Nav. the airfield's postcode takes you to the entrance to industrial land with no access to the club. Continue away from the village of Seething and turn left at the crossroads into Toad lane.


Airfield Information



Seething Radio is designated Air / Ground and normally operated Saturdays 09:00 to 16.30 and Sundays 10.00 to 12.00. (local times)


Runway 06/24 800mx18 - Asphalt; TORA: 06-800m; 24-800m;LDA: 06-800m; 24-800m

 Norwich Approach 119.35 will provide an ATC Service inbound.

Airfield Plate



100LL Avgas is readily available during normal airfield operating hours (Saturday and Sunday, 0930 until approximately 1700). It may be possible to arrange refuelling at other times but this must be by prior arrangement. We are pleased to accept payment by cash, cheque, Master Card, Visa, Switch or Delta cards. Please advise when you make your initial call on 122.6 that fuel is required.


The fuelling point is situated on the right in front of the four hangars. After landing (unless directed otherwise) taxi past the parked aircraft until you reach the red "STOP" line at the fuel point. Shut down and someone (normally the Duty Pilot) will help you wheel your aircraft to the pump for refuelling. Please DO NOT enter the fuelling area with engines running.


N.B. Helicopters can only be accepted for refuelling at Seething if they can be wheeled to the pumps. NO WHEELS, NO FUEL - Sorry!



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