Seething to Deauville Fly-Out 2018

Five aircraft in total took part in this our third Fly-Out in recent times.


Quite different types again with 2 Jodels, a Cherokee, (Alan, Dot and Brian) a Cessna 150, (Mike and Linda) and a Cessna Cardinal 177R. All but the 177R routed via Calais which routed direct to Deauville.


Friday morning was ideal flying weather though a stiff south westerly wind was to slow our progress slightly. Flight plans were filed direct to Calais with three of us coasting out over Orfordness, Tim & Kathy in the smaller Jodel D11 opted for the shorter over water crossing.


The circuit at Calais wasn't quite the usual laid back affair as some helicopters were in the circuit and ground taxiing. Once we were down however everything was as normal and after topping up with fuel and closing our flight plans we were off again. The routing this time was over the top of Le Touquet out over the Bay of Picardy and coasting back in just south of Dieppe. The approach at Deauville was rather lively but with over 2500 metres of runway one could afford to take time to get it right. :-)


Taxis and a bus for some got us to our respective hotels which were centrally located and very comfortable, (Thanks Tim) very full though as Martin and Ivan, Jodel 1050, found out when they decided not to continue onto Belgium the next day but try and find rooms in Deauville for a second night. It all worked out in the end with a bit of shuffling around. Thanks Alan, Brian, and Mike for being accommodating.


A late lunch was the next item on the agenda which was enjoyed at a bar in a picturesque square with fountains, quite close to our hotels. Bit of a shock with the price of beers being about 8 euros a pint though. :-( Anyway we're on holiday so we enjoyed a couple. Most of us then wandered around the town sightseeing, some to the beach and some for a quick nap back at the hotel. I've included some photos of the town so I won't try and give a description here other than to say it's well worth a visit and that we in no way managed to see everything in the time we had.


Our evening meal location was chosen by Bob, Colin, Anne and Sheila, Cessna 177R. The excellent 'La Peniche' restaurant which is a barge in the marina on the riverTouques. How cool. We all agreed that this was a very good choice and the food was to every ones taste. Some time later we walked back to the hotels to retire to our beds, though some did visit a local bar 'La Plancha' which had live musical entertainment. Rumour has it there is a video doing the rounds! Saturday morning, after a continental breakfast at our hotels, found us at the bus station and for a very reasonable 3 euro 70 cents for a return fare we were on our way to Honfleur which is a very pretty town to the north east of Deauville and only about thirty minutes by coach.



Again we all spent time sightseeing, lunching and just enjoying the experience that is La Belle France. There was much to see, alongside the architecture of the town there were general markets, antique markets, local food markets and a classic 50's American car meet with period live music. Absolutely packed with people enjoying the fabulous weather, oh yes and ice cream. Eventually back to Deauville where at 19:00hrs we met up for a short walk across the river to Trouville for our evening meal. The choice this time was made by the availability of a restaurant that had the ability to accommodate thirteen diners at fairly short notice.


As luck would have it we all enjoyed a splendid meal at 'Le Central' Hotel. No late night revelry this time as clear heads would be needed for flight planning and GAR filing for a morning departure from the airfield as inclement weather was being forecast for Sunday afternoon.




To the bus station again and a 2 euro fare to the airfield for 09:00hrs Sunday morning. Aircraft checked and loaded, flight plans opened and we were off. We seemed to be ahead of the weather that was forecast and all but Tim routed direct to Seething coasting in over Folkestone and Dover. This time the south westerly helped to blow us home in about two hours.


Tim stopped at Calais for fuel but again had fair winds. I would like to thank everyone that took part for once again being such good company and for sharing of information. Thanks also to J.B. for sharing his experience and knowledge with those that needed it. Look out for the next trip and come and join us.








Photo Credits

Mike Page

Simon Finlay

Lee Sutton